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When To Borrow Money Without A Credit Check

The most obvious reason you would want to borrow money with no credit check would be because your credit history is lacking in some way.  It could be that you have little to no credit history because you’ve just finished school and entered the working world, or because you’ve simply never needed to borrow money until now.  You will find our range of specialist no credit check loan reviews a good place to start if you’re new to borrowing.

You might have a credit record that has defaults listed; they may be yours or they could be erroneous, but the end result is the same – you can’t get credit from a regular bank or credit union.  Infact, even just applying with a regular lender leaves a trace on your credit record and too many searches counts against you when you want a line of credit.  Our top-listed long term loan lenders don’t perform a credit check when they search for a loan that fits your criteria, so that you can see what you qualify to borrow instantly, without impacting your credit score and with no obligation to go further.  This is great if you have debt issues and want to get an idea of what your options are, without penalizing yourself further.  Our lenders take a “no blame” attitude when it comes to your background, because few people willfully refuse to pay their debts; your low score could be from any number of reasons, such as identity theft of your name, a mistake from a creditor and so on.

You might also want to borrow money discreetly for other reasons; surprise your spouse with a vacation, pay for an apartment security deposit without worsening your score and so on.  Whatever your reason for keeping your credit score to yourself, we have you covered. A credit score is a quick, yet flawed way of assessing a person’s “credit trustworthiness” and does not detail any extenuating circumstances.

If you are someone who lives paycheck to paycheck, and you often fall short with your monthly budget, then discreet lending is great for you!  Small emergency loans are a necessity for millions of people who want to keep their families fed, their vehicle on the road and any other unforseen blip that overstretches their budget.  It’s unrealistic to expect these people to need a credit check every single time they need a small loan for a week or two until they get paid.  It makes no difference if they pay back on time because all those loans impact their credit record negatively.  Thankfully our top lenders see things differently, and have short term loans that come with very low rates for return customers.

Your borrowing is personal and you should expect personal service from a lender who understands your circumstances and is committed to helping you live a comfortable life now, while you plan for a better future.

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