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GroupOnePlatinum have a great offer for anyone who is struggling with finances and wants to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s a no credit check credit card and you can get yours now, whatever your financial history.

GroupOnePlatinum offers a no employment check,  instant approval credit card for people with bad credit or not credit.  After you are approved, you will get an instant credit line of $500 which will help you to build or rebuild your credit.

A credit card is useful when you need to show you can be trusted with credit.  It’s an important step in building a solid financial reputation, that will allow you to get loans and other kinds of credit that are part of living a comfy life.  For many it’s a right of passage into adulthood.  For some, it’s a first step towards a responsible life.

People who live on fixed incomes have the hardest time getting a credit card with guaranteed approval.  They are the people who most want to live a “regular” life, with the freedoms a credit card affords.  A credit card opens the door to shopping around for deals online, for example.  There are numerous benefits which we all take for granted.  They are a step out from poverty.

A secured credit card, no credit check required is something that can lift many tens of thousands of Americans up from the poverty cycle.  Yet, few exist that aren’t expensive or impossible to get.  GroupOnePlatinum have sworn to change that and provide everyone who needs it with a reliable and fair credit card.  Apply now if you want a credit card without credit checks, that will help you feel as good as your neighbor who isn’t struggling.  A limited income doesn’t feel so limited if you have the same means as others, such as a credit card.  The stigma just isn’t there and it’s a lot easier to feel uplifted and empowered and break the cycle of debt!

The benefits of a credit card without employer verification are obvious to many in this situation.  After all, you want to keep your struggles private.  Having employer verification for loans or other credit can feel like a shameful punishment, and very disempowering.  Sadly, most “bad credit” credit cards with guaranteed approval hinge on checking up with your employer first.  How embarrassing!

All the more reason for a lender like GroupOnePlatinum.  Their common-sense approach to credit cards means that you get treated like any other cardholder.  The number one reason for this is because studies show that people who are trusted with credit are less likely to default on it, compared with people who are punished or stigmatized.  Because there should be no shame in being a student, veteran, single parent, recovering addict, self employed person, new immigrant, senior or disabled person.  Yet, these people are the very ones who suffer stigma because of their limited incomes.

But don’t just take our word for it!  Take a leap of faith and step into a better future.  Whoever you are and whatever your background, you can apply right now for a no credit check credit card.

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