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This Is How You Get A Consolidation Loan-Even With A Low Credit Score

How many lines of credit do you have?  A store card; car loan; credit card; furniture payment?  The average American is juggling a staggering 11 credit payments! A consolidation loan for low credit score customers is an often-overlooked way that you can slash your monthly outgoings right now.  Store cards almost always have particularly egregious APRs of 34%-59%, which means you pay a lot more for your purchases.  A new $1000 Tv would cost you $1590 should you spread payments over one year. How much are you paying in unnecessary interest payments to your creditors?

If you are already struggling with your budget and your credit score disqualifies you for a loan from your bank, your best option is a consolidation loan from a lender who is experienced in low credit finance.  The Loan Republic maintains a list of no credit check loan lenders who currently offer the cheapest lending for customers with fair, bad or no credit.

You can apply online and see what loans you’re prequalified for with that lender, or their partners. Simply put, one large loan with a fixed interest rate pays off your small, expensive debts and turns into a single monthly repayment that is much easier for you to manage month-on-month.  You can save a great deal of money because your loan is cheaper than your combined debts over over the long term, and you also free up more of your budget each month.  It’s always a smart move to start an emergency fund by putting whatever you can spare into a good savings account.

A word about credit cards: credit cards have a terrible reputation, BUT, they are pretty much a prerequisite for daily life.  If you want to consolidate debt from multiple credit cards, you should also replace them with one single low-rate credit card. Use to find low-cost credit card offers that you qualify for.

When you choose a Credit Republic approved lender for your long term loan, you are making the best choice possible.  Our lenders have a wide range of financing available that suits every customer.  They won’t check your credit; your initial application takes a few minutes to fill out online.  “Instant Approval” means that once you submit your details, you will see a range of appropriate loans that you qualify for based on the information you submit.  Terms will vary, so be sure to choose the repayments that you can confidently afford each payment cycle.  Fixed, low APRs and flexibility are what make consolidation lending so attractive. Customers just like you find that one manageable installment fits right into their budget and spreads the loan cost without becoming a burden.  This means that anyone can secure a comfortable future, because your lender doesn’t judge your past.

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