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What To Do If You Have NO Credit But Need A Loan

Believe it or not, “I have no credit, but I need a loan!” is one of the most common emails we get here at The Loan Republic. No Credit? That’s different from BAD credit, right? Yes – it is. Wikipedia have a good entry on this subject –  that will give you some insight.

You might have no credit history for many reasons, but they all come down to the same thing. you’ve never opened a line of credit before. That sounds great to some people, but not to a lender! Your credit score reflects how well you can handle credit, so no history means that a potential creditor has no way to gauge your fiscal management ability.

This is common with students, new immigrants and many other people. But, when you need a loan no credit score is not a good thing.

You have to start somewhere, and build a reputation. People normally get a credit card and build up their credit history that way, so when they do want to borrow money, they have a reputation the lender can look at. If you haven’t done this there are options.

You can borrow short same day no credit check loans here Vivaloan at very low cost. If you need more cash, give GreenLightCash’ long term loans a try and spread your expenses over installments. Both of these give people due consideration regardless of background. Getting started with them takes a few minutes and it’s good to know what your financial options are – you don’t have to proceed beyond seeing what’s available.

The Loan Republic are here to help people from all backgrounds. We believe everyone deserves fair lending, and the chance to build a good lifestyle without the constant stress of money worries. Our featured lenders and loan connect services are a safe haven for those new to borrowing. If you find yourself echoing our common email query of “I have no credit but I need a loan!” then please approach our reviewed lenders, for the help you need now.

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