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CheckCityLoans is a new and exciting contender offering fast, secure and easy installment loans intended to help all customers, regardless of prior credit problems, or lack of credit history.

  • Borrow $200-$10,000, short term loans or long term options available
  • Secure, fast application takes just minutes – apply online for instant approval
  • Flexible repayments to suit your budget
  • 24/7 processing- no waiting – cash on demand
  • Returning customers can access larger loans and lower rates

Customers may request loan amounts between $100, and $10,000, and are required to fill out a short online application form.  Loan offers are no-obligation and are tailored to each customers unique situation – CheckCityCash welcome those with poor credit, or even no credit history and aim to offer a fair, equal and ethical service to everyone.   You’ll never be asked to repay more than you can afford – installments and interest are set at an amount that fits conveniently into your monthly or weekly budget and takes into account your ability to pay.   Loans are processed 24/7, every day of the year, offering a convenience that your regular lender cant match – and funds are wired automatically into your account of choice as soon as the next business day.

Returning customers enjoy attractive interest rate cuts, and the ability to borrow larger loan amounts, as they gain trust and repair their credit rating.  CheckCityLoans gives everyone the chance to make a new start with financial responsibility, and even those with extremely poor credit will receive a no-obligation loan offer that is as fair as possible.   Their customer service people are trained to be sympathetic, helpful and patient and can assist you at any time a need should arise.  CheckCityLoans are dedicated to making their products accessible for any and all customers who find themselves in need of cash that they cannot get hold of elsewhere, and pride themselves on their fast and simple, secure and all-inclusive service. With no hidden costs or fees, you can be sure CheckCityLoans are a great choice.

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15 Reviews to “CheckCityLoans – #1 Short Term Loans Lender”

  1. The $4000 I borrowed from Cashnetusa paid credit card debts off and now the money I repay on this loan is less than my credit card minimum payment. Such a relief!!

  2. I borrowed $2300 for a start-up and then 3 further loans to pay off expensive credit card debts like the previous poster. Defo recommend this lender if you want money fast and no hassle over your credit rating.

  3. I needed $1100 urgently. I got it here, in time and in full. Next time though I will borrow more and make it a little more cost effective. Cashnetusa are handy for me as I struggle with paperwork but it was easy here, to get my money, when I needed it.

  4. I aint got no complains. I get a loan here pretty regular when I need, and I pay it back easy enough. They dont make me wait. I dont get money to live on but I can afford these loans. Very good lender, thanks.

  5. I was kinda skeptical that i could get hold of the money as fast as they promise, but yes, I can confirm, this company is amazing.

    Ive had 2 loans now and my fico score is at a healthy 720 finally! They lent me money when no one else would, they were very fair in the repayment schedule and thankfully Im now back on my feet financially.

  6. On average how much do you have to pay back? Would it be like a cell phone bill every month or an electric bill every month>

  7. Kiera, your repayment rate depends on the amount your borrow and the amount of time you repay. Everyones expenses are different, from cellphone, to electricity bills, so it is impossible to know what you are expecting to hear. Generally, a smaller loan of $1000 or less is made as a payday loan meaning you are expected to repay it quickly. A larger loan of several thousand can be repaid over a few months or several years and this means either fewer large installments, or numerous lower installments. It is your responsibility to decide what you can afford each month and then make your application: in this way you can borrow a larger amount by stretching your loan over a longer repayment term.

  8. I wanted to see if you could tell me if it would be possible to get a $200 loan with credit scores in the 400

  9. Hi Christine- I was able to borrow $6000 with my FICO score of 412. I was also approved by a number of lenders who are also reviewed on this site. It surprised me- but I didnt waste the chance and I repaid my loan with Checkcityloans promptly and in full as a result my FICO score has improved dramatically. Its still a little low at 690 but thats still a huge improvement. Oh, and I should add that my income at the time was sketchy- irregular as I was starting my own franchise. I needed the loan to buy supplies and equipment.

    -Ryan Salinger, Flint, MI

  10. Ok right, thanks for the $5k I mean It will do but I asked for more than than and Im kinda disappointed tbh because this was the most I could get as a newbie customer. So no 5 stars, because the customer should be right, always.

  11. Checkcityloans need more love! Ive been a customer for years, even now my credit is good again. They lent me $2000 when I had bad debt all around -no questions asked haha – and Ive been a loyal customer since.

  12. Im a single mom, I also work part time and go to school. I have to borrow small loans often to keep us afloat. Ive never had any trouble with Checkcityloans. I borrow $500-$800 each time. If it wasnt for them wed be on welfare :(

  13. I borrow loans of $200-$500 and I would recommend this company to everyone who wants fast cash and no questions asked. They saved me stressing out!!

  14. I borrow money here regularly. Checkcityloans always allow me maximum time to pay back my loan and I am happy with their service. Never any problem and they do not charge me a lot.

  15. I am a hairderesser who specializes in afro hair and I love helping my beautiful black sisters look their best. I got $3000 so I could start a mobile hair styling bizness to reach my sisters who are at home with they children. This is a great place to get a loan if you can’t get any love from a bank!

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