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Bad Credit? Unsecured Loans Work For You

What’s your FICO score?  If you know, it’s probably because you were refused credit from a card company, store, car dealership or other lender and you were advised to check your credit score.  Less than 650? Ouch! That will make it hard for you to get any kind of regular credit and introductory low interest rates from the big names in finance.

Lucky for you, there are experienced lenders who provide unsecured loans for people with bad credit.  This kind of loan is a crucial step on the path to fixing your credit score, getting control of your money, and investing in a comfortable future.  The Loan Republic team review the well-known bad credit loan lenders and update regularly to stay current for our readers.  We created this resource to help people find genuine loans from safe lenders, because we hate predatory lending as much as you do.

Unsecured long term loans have slightly higher APRs that reflect the additional risk for the lender.  The good news is that it’s a hit worth taking, because you will see your credit score rise significantly once the debt is satisfied.  A recent customer survey with anonymized data shows that an individual can expect their FICO score to rise by 200 points after they fulfill an unsecured loan from one of the popular bad credit lenders.

What does this mean for you?  It means you have a number on your credit record that is more attractive to a creditor when you want a car loan, store card, mortgage, personal loan, cell plan or any other line of credit.  It qualifies you for lower rates of interest, so that you pay less for your credit.  You can expect a higher credit card limit, access larger loans, and qualify for a mortgage with a smaller down payment.  If you rent, you will find it easier to get an apartment or home in a good neighborhood.

Bad credit is not a permanent mark against you, and it’s something that most people experience at some point in their lives.  Unsecured loans are the fastest way to get your credit score back on track – our lenders have the best performing loans anywhere and they welcome all applicants.  You can apply with no obligation and see what is available to you; remember these are lenders who work almost exclusively with bad credit so they have loans you won’t find anywhere else!  You will get the lowest guaranteed rates, personal service, no fees or penalties and flexible repayments that fit comfortably into your budget.

It’s important to note that if you have many small debts and often “forget” payments, your credit score can take a dive too.  A consolidation loan is a great way to pay small debts or short term loans off quickly and at a cheaper cost.  You might even have money left over for a long-awaited treat! Lending has changed significantly since the advent of the internet, so if you haven’t tried an online lender before you’re in for a pleasant surprise, with loans that work FOR you and never against you.